Links For The Cracking Up The Guards At Buckingham Palace

Making_a_London_Guard_Smile_-_YouTubeThe Only Thing That Makes The Royal Buckingham Palace Guards Smile (Forward)

Yoga Poses In Israel (New York Times)

Putin Your Butt (Boing Boing)

Thousands of Orthodox Jews March In Lower Manhattan To Protest Israeli Draft Laws (Gothamist)

Will Pope Francis’ Trip To Israel Be Canceled Because of a Labor Dispute? (HuffPo)

Drew Friedman Chronicles America’s Jewish Comedians (Observer)

Watch The Simpson‘s Couch Gag Done Triplets of Belleville-style (Death & Taxes)

Amazing Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater In The Middle Of The Sinai Desert (Colossal)

Reddit Hosts AMA With Survivor Of Mengele’s Horrific Twins Study (Disinfo)

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