Links For Trying To Find A Boyfriend At The Virtual Matzoh Ball

SONY DSCI Tried To Find A Nice Jewish Boyfriend At The Virtual Matzoh Ball [Daily Dot]

MC Paul Barman’s Adult B-Mitzvah (And Rap!) [LabShul]

A Supercut Of Kramer Stealing All Of Jerry’s Food On Seinfeld [Laughing Squid]

Stephen Hawking: “There Is No God” [HuffPo]

Ezra Koenig is A Moody, Vegan Vampire In A New Major Lazer Track [PAPER]

The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz, The Cartoon [Dangerous Minds]

Giant Balls, Naked Handstands: Welcome To The WTF Protests [GOOD]

Sparking Red Wine Sodastream Experiment: Don’t Do It!!! [Gawker]


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