Links For 3,700 Year Old Israeli Wine

NWA-Qvevri-pots-ancient-wine-making-method-to-be-included-small3,700-year-old wine cellar unearthed in Israel (Business Standard)

Beastie Boys Upset That Goldieblox Is Using ‘Girls’ To Promote Actual Girl Power (Gothamist)

A Complete List of Nick Kroll’s Ruxin Putdowns on The League (Vulture)

Archaeologists Find Sunken Nazi Sub in Indonesia with 17 Skeletons (io9)

Thanks To Kiryas Joel, New York Times, Hanukkah Is Cancelled (B.J. Mendelson)

‘I was in shock…they were all laughing’ — Knockout game victim speaks out (NY Post)

Modern Loss, From Those Who Know It (The Sisterhood)

7 Highlights From the ‘Tootsie’ Remake (Rolling Stone)

Jewish people do get cold. (sivan oakley)

“No, Jews celebrate Kwaanza.” (overheard at school)

That new Google ad makes Muslims look like apolitical, normal human beings. Like all Zionists I am deeply horrified and offended. (DovBear)

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