Links For The Four Fathers Of Israeli Indie Music

mrMeet The Four Fathers Of Israeli Indie Music (Round Trip Radio)

Licensed to Grill: Mike D’s Brooklyn Town House (NY Times)

Gene Wilder Says Willy Wonka Remake Was An Insult (Gawker)

Maya Johanna: Shallow Waters (Tel Avivian)

Rich People Gonna Get All the Good Blood, As Usual (The Billfold)

Seven Great NYC Bars and Their SF Equivalents (7×7)

Garfunkel-show drama (NY Post)

Hot Trailer: ‘In A World …’ (Deadline)

Hollywood’s Creepy Love Affair With Adolf Hitler, in Explosive New Detail (Tablet)

Recovered Nazi diary gives rare view into Third Reich (CNN)

A Bisl Yiddish: Yiddish connecting Jews and Arabs (JPOST)

10 Weird and Wonderful Things About Living Among Hasidic Jews (Taki Mag)

In Which A Flaneuse Visits Istanbul and Greenwich Village (Amy Schiller)

Vote on Civil Unions in Israel Delayed Indefinitely (Forward)

Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s President-Elect, Hails ‘Victory Of Moderation’ (Huff Post)

Israeli PM Urges no Let-up in World Pressure on Iran After Vote (VOA)

America’s Next War (Souciant)

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