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ronjeremyThe iconic porn star Ron Jeremy is allegedly captured in this photo putting on Chabad tefillin and saying Shema. (Failed Messiah)

‘Mipsterz’ ‘Somewhere In America’ Video Showcases Muslim Hipster Swag; Sparks A Passionate Discussion (Huffington Post)

Total Immersion (Jewish Fiction)

At Once-Promising Brooklyn Arts Center, Creative Hopes Are Dashed (NY Times)

SFW Porn For Jews (Hipster Jew)

The unspoken alliance: Israel’s secret relationship with apartheid South Africa (Mondoweiss)

Israeli developer of swallowable camera bought for $860 million (JTA)

The Rise Of Ultra-Orthodox Beauty Salons (The Forward)

LA’s Kaballah Center Being Sued For $1,000,000 (The Jewish Press)

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