Lifetime’s “Kosher Soul” Promises A Cornucopia Of Black And Jewish Stereotypes

If you like watching grown men faint after their adult circumcisions, have we got the show for you!

Kosher Soul premiers February 25th on the Lifetime network

What do you think?

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  1. Adam Kratt

    Kosher Soul is a debasement and mockery of both Jewish and Black culture.

    She cooks him treyf catfish… what happened to his orthodox conversion?

    And since when does Canter’s, a deli that serves fleishig and milchig on the same plate and has pork on the menu have anything to do with being Jewish?

    And the idiocy of comparing the wearing of a Kippah and the wearing of a grill, forgetting the allusion fo the.Holocaust, is just sickening.

    When will Hollywood stop making a mockery of Jewish culture and actually show a respectful depiction of Jewish life.


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