“Let My People Smoke” – How One Comedian Celebrated 4.20 In Israel

While Jews the world over may have spent their Passover repeating Moses’ famous demand to Pharaoh “Let My People Go,” Israeli comic Gadi Wilcherski and his band of merry pranksters were up at 6 am with a slightly different refrain: “Let My People Smoke”

While Burning Man theatrics outside the home of (presumably still-asleep) Israeli health minister Yael German may not go so far as to influence actual legislation towards the complete legalization of grass, it certainly makes a compelling case against filing a police report.  As Wilcherski points out, what police officer would risk being thrown “in the loony bin” simply for writing up 6am rave featuring a bunch of dancing fairies and pot-leaves?

That said, if the cops did end up traumatized by the experience, they’d probably qualify for some pretty killer medicinal bud.


(for more pictures from Wilcherski’s early-morning dance party, check out his Facebook album)

[via liveleak]

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