Learn “Netiquette” from Web Vixen, Brenna Ehrlich

If you aren’t brushed up on proper online decorum, take a cue from former Heeb editor, Brenna Ehrlich. Last weekend, she and her cohort gave a run-down on CNN for noobs worldwide on the faux pas of social networking. Oddly, the web vixen didn’t give mention in her “Netiquette” tutorial to such glaring no-nos as, say, impersonating a relatively famous author on Twitter; then again, Ehrlich has enough online influence to prove she knows what’s up.

She was, after all, the inspiration for the Tumblr blog, Stuff Tushies Hate.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. Brenna

    Ahh, thanks, Bri-Guy! You know impersonating a famous author is against Twitter’s TOS, dude? Imma tell the Twit police on ya.


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