Kirk And Spock (Well, Shatner And Nimoy) Reunite To Sell Volkswagens

There’re plenty of Jews of an earlier generation(s?) who won’t buy a Volkswagen because of their Nazi origins. Me? I don’t buy them because they’re shitty cars. The last VW I owned was a 2000 Jetta whose front bumper would just fall off for no reason whatsoever (German craftsmanship my ass). But if anyone can get me excited for a new generation of Volkswagens (or, for anything, really) it’s Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, both of whom appear in a new ad for the German carmaker.

It’s in German, but trust me, you’ll get the pictrue without needing to sprechen sie deutsch:

You’ve gotta hand it to Shat and Len – they’re boldly going where no octogenarian Jews have gone before: The driver’s seat of a VW.

[via Neatorama]

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