Kids Issue Release Party: Recap

It’s a four-Advil morning so if what follows is a totally random and incoherent recap of last night’s Kids Issue Release Party at the Charleston in Williamsburg, well, maybe we’ll end up giving you some additional coverage on “our Youtube channel”: at some point in the near future. In the meantime, some of the memories I can muster include: Kalia and Sarah from “Camp Heebaquonk”: reminiscing about tug-o-wars, pillow fights and spin-the-bottle; Schwartz of the Month contenders Abe and Hillary staring each other down from across the bar; _Heeb_ Contributing Editor Kenny Herzog and his childhood hero “Andrew Cassese, aka Harold Wormser”: tossing back jello shots as if they were old Lamda Lamda Lamda buddies; Akwetey from “Dragons of Zynth,”: “Plastic Crimewave”: and “Diamond Days”: producer Jay Diamond taking turns on the turntables; and lots of basement noise from “Cake Bake Betty,”: “Used To Be Women,”: “The Teenage Prayers”: and “Puddin Tang.”:

You’ll have to pardon me now as I have to vomit.

What do you think?

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  1. tman3535

    Most Jews are fucking douchbags. Florida is fucking full of them..pretentious fucking showoffs with their “we are the fucking chosen people” attitudes and everyone else is just “Goyim”, i.e. useless pieces of humanity. They have completely taken over the

  2. Puck

    Oh honey, bless…not all the Goyim are useless pieces of humanity…just you ;)


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