Just In Time For Passover: “The Beyoncéder”

In addition to running the world (girls!), Beyonce has proven herself more than capable of running Passover. Her protein- and plant-based diet includes just one “cheat day” per week for eating pizza and wine, so she’s probably pretty qualified to coach you through the eight-day stretch. This line from Drunk in Love could double as a diary entry from a long night of increasingly-tipsy responsive readings:<

“Never tired, never tired/I been sippin, that’s the only thing/That’s keepin me on fire, we on fire.”

Thankfully, veteran Jewish-pop-culture meme creator Amy Schiller (of the Ryan Gosling-based Hey Girl Happy Hannukah) realized the synergy, bringing Beyonceder into the universe, featuring Bey’s most Exodus-esque lyrics.
Why is this night different? Because Beyonceder is here to upgrade you. She can be your halo, at least until next Tuesday.

What do you think?

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