Jon Lovitz Defeats Anti-Semitic Bullying Via Twitter

(Mostly) supportive tweets have been pouring in for @realjonlovitz since comedian and Jewish anti-defamation crusader Jon Lovitz took three high school girls to task via twitter for partaking in an anti-Semitic “hate incident” against the daughter of a friend of his, whose father also happens to be a Holocaust survivor. It’s considered an “incident” and not a “crime” according to the LAPD “because the syrup, feces and toilet paper [used in the incident] had caused no permanent damage.” Good distinction to know.

It’s hard to overstate the power of social media. On April 4th, Lovitz posted the pic of the swastika and poop vandalism that had been perpetrated the night before. (And may I ask, what self-respecting anti-Semite doesn’t know how to draw a swastika correctly? I know they’re only 14, but really.) On April 5th, the culprits were found, they admitted their guilt, and the LAPD began investigating the mother who drove them to the house. Lovitz also posted a follow-up pic of the adorable little bundles of sugar and spice all simultaneously giving the camera the finger–most likely taken from their own social media feeds. By April 6th the local CBS affiliate in LA had seen Lovitz’s tweets, and he was on TV talking about the incident by 5pm that evening. By April 9th the girl has been expelled from school.

Score one for Jon Lovitz, the Jews, and really anyone who isn’t into racially motivated bullying.

What do you think?

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Samuel Johnson

Sam Johnson was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but is now an LA-based writer/director/producer. Follow him @smorganjohnson on the twitter.

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  1. Goodbye Columbus

    ‘Honey, what did you do today?”Oh, you know nothing really. Drove the girls to a classmate’s house so they could take a big shit on her walk and draw swastikas and call her a ‘Jew’.’ What kind of f-tarded mother does this? A f’n brain dead waste of space. Rock on Jon Lovitz. No matter how petty the incident may seem, we have to call bullshit (no pun intended) when we see it. Never again.

  2. Alef Bet Jewelry

    This happened in my neighborhood. The police have been wonderful, the DA not so much, and the schools acted quickly. We can’t have any issues on bullying and making people feel “better” than anyone else. There are enough things to worry about it in life, this isn’t one of them– being Jewish or black or Asian. We need to respect each person for just that, a person.

  3. Aussie Heeb

    What a bunch of shits. In Australia we would shove the crap back into its origin. (“Down under” if you know what I mean)

  4. dave

    Yeah, I thought the same thing: a real shoddy job on the swastika. That just goes to show the dumbing down of society doesn’t exclude teenage brats. Is that what happens in Beverly Hills, the kids get rides to vandalism missions?


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