John Travolta Blames Gay Hollywood Jews for Own Homosexuality

If you want to read about someone in a powerful position having disturbing sex with an underling, put down your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. There’s something much sleazier available: the John Travolta masseur lawsuit.

In case you aren’t chained to the 24-hour news cycle, here’s a rundown: a Hollywood masseur has alleged that John Travolta propositioned him for sex during a massage, and is suing for $2 million. Is that the standard Happy Ending fee? I guess it is when assault and sexual battery are involved.

There’s now even more material to fuel those Travolta gay rumors for another ten years or so because the full lawsuit is available online and it basically reads like a trashy homoerotic novel written by an elderly court reporter.

During the massage, John Travolta allegedly kept

purposely sliding the towel down that covered his buttocks to reveal about half of gluteus area.

When Travolta allegedly started feeling up the masseur, this Puritanical virgin (who rubs people down with oil for a living) didn’t like it. Travolta

apologized, but then snickered to himself like a mischievous child. Defendant then touched the shaft of Plaintiff’s penis, and seized on to it. Defendant quickly tried to rub the head of Plantiff’s penis as he tried to pull away.

It gets weirder.

When the masseur steadfastly refused to apply some Grease to Travolta’s penis (couldn’t resist), he lost his shit.

Defendant began screaming at Plaintiff, telling Plaintiff how selfish he was; that Defendant got to where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his Welcome Back, Kotter days; and that Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity. Defendant then went on to say how he had done things in his past that would make most people throw up.

And Travolta’s alleged tirade continued that

[when he started his career] he wasn’t even gay and that the taste of ‘cum’ would make him gag. Defendant also said that he was smart enough to learn to enjoy it, and when he began to make millions of dollars, that it all became well worth it.

So this masseur would have us believe that John Travolta owes his role as a drag queen in Hairspray to getting on his knees for closeted gay Jews in the 70s?

I kind of believe it.

What do you think?

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  1. Jennifer


  2. Yid Vicious
    Joshua Neuman

    I demand that Jewdar comment on Travolta’s alleged Welcome Back Kotter reference!

  3. Brooke

    Jennifer… just described the end of world population. You might want to re-think your stance.

  4. Darfnoogie

    Yes JENNIFER, since women are so level headed and slow to temper we should just let them run everything…you can’t even type without SCREAMING!!! :)

  5. Kim

    Hey jennifer, a little bitter? Geez, have a glass of wine and take a breath.

    • miki

      ALEF BET JEWELRY- it’s Zahy Gezunt and GAY kakkin ahf a yahm! but I admired your twist on it!

  6. Hanif

    Jennifer, the cause of all the ‘bad things’ on this planet is the glut of unthinking morons such as yourself.

  7. james

    As a massage therapist that used to work the west hollywood beverly hills area. I am glad he finally ran into some one that had the balls to sue is ass. now maybe he will learn not to act retarded anymore.

  8. Glenny G

    I think that Jennifer is gay.I also love the comments here,except her stupid shit.Stupid is as stupid writes.

  9. David A.

    I think Jennifer’s rant was extremely ironic. Maybe it was performance art?

  10. joe

    I think is is cool there are more comments regarding Jennifer’s melt down than Travolta’s secret passions and tawdry life style.

  11. DirkJohanson

    I’m totally straight, but if John Travolta wants to rub my genitals, proposition me, and touch himself lewdly in my presence, I’ll take $10K and call it a day.

    That offer goes for any of you, as well.

    • glennyg

      don’t sell yourself that cheap.looks like it might cost Johnny boy a lot more.

      • DirkJohanson

        Maybe so, GlennyG, but I’d rather work on volume. Its, youknow, the bird in the hand theory, no pun intended.

      • glennyg

        Ok,good business man then.I’m laughing my ass off.Which is kind of relevant to John’s story. I tend to think that his lawyer might be full of it about John not being in town that day.Plus TWO complaints.Can’t wait till we hear the entire story.I’m voting with the author-I believe it.

  12. OyMan

    I call bullshit on the whole masseur claim. Sounds like someone who’s extorting John.

  13. BalaBusta

    Something tells me he is trying to exit Scientology and they are reacting by pulling out his past confessions to scare him? He should have become a Kabbalist. At least that way all he would have to face for leaving was a big, long guilt trip.

  14. Jackie Perry

    Exactly how did he grab the guys penis and try to rub it? Were they both naked? If so what did the guy expect?

  15. Rachel Melas

    I was curious about that too, how can you grab the shaft of someones penis when they are wearing pants? Maybe the masseur was wearing a sarong.

  16. Mitchell Weissberg

    John, I was one of your best fans since forever. Please, what can I we anyone make it ok for you to do whatever that may do for a living, only because in relation to the train and ticket, I think twice, and that’s is not consistent with my nature.

  17. Yid Vicious
    Joshua Neuman

    “TomJewery” is awesome Heebonics, Eddie Lee. Well done.

  18. Linda Gonzales

    I think I’m sorry that I bothered to read this nonsense…

  19. elliot segal

    Again, BFD. The world is as crazy as ever, our country (U.S.A) is falling apart at the seams and we spend time on trivia like this?

    I agree with Linda G., “…sorry I even read this nonsense.”

    Heeb does have some good articles and occasional humor (usually self-denigrating). Why don’t you get some journalists that can post something of value instead of this drech.

  20. elliot segal

    BTW, the comment about having just women and gays (men and women I suppose) run everything is a perfect example of the vacuum the Liberal mind is in.

    Blaming all of the world’s ills on straight men is beyond short-sighted. If I recall correctly, history is full of homosexual’s, bi-sexuals, that have deployed some of the most heinous acts on fellow human beings. Yes, there are plenty of ‘straight’ people that do bad things too. Depravity is depravity — period. Point is to take people one-at-a-time and evaluate for yourself.

    I bet this woman has “Coexist” and “OBAMA 2012” stickers on the bumper of her car, right? Well go hug a Islamo-fascist and Marxist-socialist after you stop giving them what they want and see how well your peace, love and understanding last.

    Have you even been out of the country (other than a silver-spoon trip for Spring Break or on Mommy & Daddy’s money?) So Travolta is a fag and that turns the world upside down. Get a life.

    What a D-bag.

  21. SGibson

    Travolta was reportedly in New York when this allegedly happened, so I wonder how the plaintiff reconciles this story with this alibi.

  22. AJLW Esq.

    Elliot, you have garnered my attention so here goes: just because some dumb 13 yo girl who probably either 1. got dumped by her homophobic bf or 2. found out her homophobic bf was cheating on her with her brother while reading this article, does not mean that that single out of context statement can be extrapolated to some greater meaning about liberals and conservatives. It would be like me saying her level of rage is clearly commensurate with those required to be a member of the republican party, perhaps even the tea party elite.

    Which brings me to my next and more salient point, blaming all of the world’s problems on liberalism, just as the girl blamed it on straight homophobic man, really just reduces you down to her level. And not just metaphorically, your logic patterns have not evolved with age, they are still just as flawed, but because you apply them to broader concepts you are a worldly traveler who is knowledgeable. Well Mr. Omniscient, I am going to apply your logic to your statement and lets see what we can determine about you:

    the fact that you slay the Coexist and Islamo-fascist dragons of which you are so afraid shows that your own recollection of history cannot extend beyond the last 20 years of your life, because if it had, you would already know that the Islamo-Fascism of which you speak was mostly created and fostered by the USA (Amurica fk yea!). In fact, the Islamic religion is too founded in the bible which you seem to hold so dear, so until we started fkin their sht up after WWII, they really liked Christians (and Jews). It was the US depravity, executed by gays and straights alike (mostly straights and mostly Republicans since they were the ones in office, cause lets get real and blame the actual decision maker for once, not the guy before or after or from a different party)that brought us into our current predicament. If you play with fire, you’ll get burned, and we’re getting burned by our own fire.

    Which brings me to my next point: Have you ever read a book (other than the Cat In the Hat and the KKK’s how to tie a noose)? Which also draws into question the accuracy of your recollection on history’s homosexuals and bisexuals doing depraved things. I fear this is a book that was published by some church of yours, which oddly enough, performed same-sex marriage ceremonies for at least 300 years not ending less than 800 years ago. More likely though, the depravity of the homosexuals of which you speak is (those heinous acts)is consensual adult encounters, which you are then comparing against things like the Holocaust, which was perpetrated by a white, straight, homophobic man (you should read about the experiments they only performed on gays, that’ll disturb you, again, if you do read, which, again, is doubtful). Lastly, from a pure mathematical perspective, assuming accurately (check your history books) that most societies shunned homosexuals much like ours, and knowing that the homosexual population is much smaller than the hetero population, it would have been insurmountably difficult for many gays to defile humanity the way straights have.

    But, after all, I shall commend you. You did make a single accurate statement in your post: the US is falling apart at the seams. And I shall congratulate you for being a very idealistic example of exactly why that is happening. If it weren’t for morons like you, who think freedom of speech=running your mouth like your speaking US dogma even though you can’t say anything truthfully.

    And just so there isn’t any question: White, Male, Eastern European Immigrant (who just had to explain your own language to you), heterosexual, not homophobic, lawyer and American Patriot. You should at least aspire to be the last because there’s a chance, albeit minuscule, that you might has the IQ requisite to join that elite. And it sickens me how much Americans hate each other. Maybe the country wouldn’t be falling apart at its seams if we weren’t busy talking about something as trivial to this country’s survival as abortion or gay marriage or as half-passed fucked as liberal vs conservative.

    I bet you are a real hit at the glory-hole truck stops you frequent.

    What a D-bag.

  23. Laura

    Wow..I knew something was wrong with him..too bad,, now I have to miss his movies for years, like Woody Allen. He’s an arrogant, prick and thinks his stuff is sweet..I’m glad he got popped,, you can’t get away with ugly behavior..and you all made fun of Jennifer, but boy was she close to the truth..if you look, without jealousy or anger, you’ll see that our world is falling apart..Really, if women were in charge (good women), we would go shoe shopping, go for lattes, kiss and go home..ta da–no wars! haha.. and poor Kelly…I wish I would of thought of “oy gay” too,, brilliant.. peace haha

    • DirkJohanson

      No wars, Laura? Until 1982, it was conventional wisdom that Democracies would never go to war with each other, and that it had never occurred. Margaret Thatcher defied conventional wisdom and ended that history of peaceful dispute resolution by Democracies by attacking Argentina.

      Anyway, the first guy to sue Travolta has already been fired by his lawyer for lying about the incident.

  24. Marcus

    First off, Travolta played a mean drag queen in Hairspray won’t lie! Also, he has plenty of talent, so why would he have to go gay? His wife is very beautiful too, so why cheat? It’s all rubbish I say, and obviously my king Michael Jackson wasn’t a good enough lesson for those who prey on the fortunate. So, my main point. As a FUTURE Soldier, I have joined the Army with the knowledge that America is not perfect. I’ll be fighting to defend her and her people, yet it’s people bicker and complain about how bad it is. So, why follow the Constitution to, as I said, defend her? It’s all a lie right, a waste of money? Americas crashing down, no doubt, but I promise, if America falls, so does peace. Believe, I beg of you, believe! Or complain when the WORLD falls, and we are slaves to a tyrannical rule.

  25. Oy Vey, Y-Love is Gay | Heeb

    […] been a busy month in gay news: Obama and Biden support marriage equality, John Travolta supports happy endings, Bravo’s Andy Cohen is finally looking for a boyfriend, and now (sit down girls), […]

  26. Amy

    Jennifer is right..your reaction is harsh, and defensive but she is speaking what many of us think..what she is saying is fact ..whether it hurts or not..straight men rape, kill, molest and do all the evil things on this planet.

  27. Dawn

    Who cares if he’s gay, who cares about liberals!! who cares to write 6 paragraphs of nonsense going off that was just plain corney and i am dumber from reading it !!!! wow….

  28. barb b

    What ever. Why put this out in the media. Who gives a damn? other than his WIFE, not one should care! I am so sick of hollywood and the drama. They get paid to have a fucked up life and we just have
    “fucked up lives” and struggle with out money. The ass is rich and lives off us whom give him the popularity. So fuckin what if he likes dick and and his wifes va..J.J. … damn rich peeps can fuck them self for all I care.

  29. RoyalBritannia

    erm DIRKJOHANSON…even the most nationalist of Argentines will tell you that the Falklands War was started by ARGENTINA invading BRITISH territory…Thatcher DEFENDED the Islanders by going to war (and winning, obviously). Sorry to go off at a massive tangent but best to get the facts in order before you slander our controversial ol’ Maggie T

  30. sam rayner

    Because John is rich and famous, he is being EXTORTED.


  31. Russell Grayson

    So what we have here is a professional Hollywood man-stroker, being an opportunist, trying to paint Travolta as a Mel Gibson wannabe with s&%t on his shlong? Not buying’ what you’re selling Mr. Oil-rubdown guy. See you fel-later, Tater!

  32. Ana

    Hmmmm….true, true, true! Way back in the 80’s (when I was very young) I knew a (young) masseur who was working at a 5-star hotel in downtown Chicago and he divulged to me how EXCITED he was to have been propositioned by none other than JOHN TRAVOLTA during a massage session. Did I believe it then? You betcha. Do I believe all this “swirlin’ news” now? You betcha. Is it such a big deal that he is gay? No, not all. Still talented as Hell.

  33. Jackie

    If someone says, “no I won’t give you a genital massage”

    No means no.

  34. tab

    who cares….great actor…straight/gay/bisexual…. we are all human…who are we to judge….I believe that’s GOD’s job—the only one he has to answer to is the Almighty

  35. Gogol Bobol


  36. matt

    isn’t sucking cock a part of jewish culture?( like the rabbis no the babies)

  37. Doug

    Um, RoyalBritannia, why was England foraying into waters off of the coast of Argentina to begin with? Why were the Falklands her “territory” ever? Oh, I guess the same reason America was, Palestine was, India was, and half the rest of the world was! Because they were imperialists who murdered and pillaged their way around the world for centuries until people of the various countries they’d conquered stood up for themselves and kicked them back to their little island where they should have stayed in the first place! So, the Falklands were only theirs because they stole them! Fuck the British.

    • kurt gandenberger

      palease, because the people living on the falklands (malvinas) had been there for many generations and were peacefully tending their sheep when the argentinians invaded. it was really quite a surprise and the only reason anyone can think of is the argentine economy had tanked and the people of that country needed a diversion. interesting re-write of history however.

  38. Dave

    I think Travolta is probably RIGHT. I was a camera trainee in film & tv for 3 years. A jewish producer on a Disney 3 week pilot asked me to help him with some landscaping on the weekend at his cottage on a private island. I went to help, after 5 hours of work or so he mentioned the water was choppy but we could stay overnight. He mentioned he had lots of alcohol & coke.. not the soda. It then ALL MADE SENSE… his “friendship” with me even though he was much older. His “promises” of fulltime work in the film union on many, many high profile tv shows.

    Very crooked, corrupt industry.

  39. Gabriel Arthur Petrie

    If Travolta said (as he’s being quoted as saying:)

    “Hollywood is controlled by Gay, Jewish men who expect favors in exchange for sexual activity”

    … then what’s the big idea calling him out for it? It’s obviously, if parsed grammatically correctly, a compliment to the Gay Hollywood Jews who do their sex stuff in front of a camera as a form of entertainment and then expect the rest of us in the world to grant them favor in exchange.

    The way it’s worded, all it seems to do is embellish upon and provide modern commentary to a frankly ages-old (and historically founded) notion that Jews are closely associated with pornography.

    If Hollywood is, indeed, controlled by Gay Jewish men, maybe we should all take a minute to consider what we owe them. The next time you lean back and enjoy a little bit of breast or a soft-core “quickie” showing up in the middle of the latest action film you’re suddenly much more into, maybe you should give a moment of thanks in your heart to the people who know what you really like and are decent enough to give it to you.

    So maybe next time you see a Jew at the supermarket you’ll restrain yourself from pushing them out of the way to take that last water melon they were about to pick up. Maybe next time you meet a gay Jew in Hollywood, you’ll actually give them serious consideration for the job with your company instead of telling them they have five seconds to get their Hebe kiester out of your building like you were secretly hoping you’d get a chance to do.

    All Travolta is pointing out is that gay Jews in Hollywood obviously put a lot of hard work into providing the rest of us with quality sexual content for the advisement of our viewer discretion, and that they expect something in return for that. (And that they control Hollywood.) (So it’s not like we have any choice but to be grateful.)

    All the people who are trying to project homosexuality onto Travolta over this might need to take a little time-out and look in the mirror and say that they’re gay liars. If they don’t believe their own selves, then maybe the rest of us shouldn’t, either, and so then maybe Travolta isn’t gay, either.


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