John Galliano’s Hasidic Mea Culpa

It’s tough being John Galliano. Going from the golden-boy of the fashion world to an international pariah for an anti-semitic rant couldn’t have been an easy transition. Now, Galliano finds himself in the headlines again – this time for stepping out to this year’s Oscar de la Renta Fashion Week showcase, dressed as an ultra-orthodox Jew.  

Photo Credit: Splash News

Photo Credit: Splash News

It’s a bold move for someone who famously slurred “I love Hitler” on camera at a Parisian cafe. A less understanding public would almost certainly take John’s attempt at “Hasidic couture” as the icing on an already anti-semitic cake. But we, astute observers of the human condition that we are, see this for what it is – a act of contrition from a penitent, thoughtful, and not at all narcissistic soul.

Look at me!” he’s probably saying (although in fairness, when isn’t he saying this?) “get you people! Now, I too have experienced persecution! Here, let me make it up to you; I’ll take your drab jackets, your wide-brimmed hats, and your curly-hair thingies, and make them look fabulous! See? I’m just like you, only sexier!”

Well, John,  you ridiculous mess – Apology accepted. Can’t wait to see you at Yom Kippur services this fall.


UPDATE: Looks like NY Post fashion editor Serena French totally seriously, no joke, thinks so, too. Huh.

[via DNAInfo]

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  1. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    It’s really intense what the ADL makes people do as part of sensitivity training.

  2. Not Amused

    So he curls his hair and wears a hat and jacket and that’s enough? Apology NOT accepted. C’mon Heeb, really?

  3. Ofra

    The column’s lede: “Believe it or not, John Galliano’s costume is not a mark of disrespect.”

    Right. And you–someone who just called a group of people’s everyday attire a “costume”–you TOTALLY understand respect.

    (Also, psst, not amused, crank up the sarcasm meter!)


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