Jewish Organization Lehava Defends Call for Bar Refaeli / Leo DiCaprio Breakup

Last week, we reported how Jewish organization Lehava urged Bar Refaeli to dump her inappropriate goy boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio via a letter to the supermodel’s mother. Now, Lehava founder Mosis Zion defends that letter in this exclusive Heeb interview. For the pure poetry, we’re reprinting his entire response. (Note: Mr. Zion is not actually the one who wrote the letter to Refaeli’s mom.)

Dana Shalom

First of all I read what you sent me and what you wrote on the site. For comment on what Baruch Marzel Send Bar Rafaeli I can not answer you because I’m not him But as a young Jewish man working with an organization of Lhb"h [Lehava] I’ll tell you that the Torah forbade us as Jews no romantic relationship with a gentile. Even with the guy from the market and with it a famous actor and Even if you do not believe in God you can still see the danger in it. We Jews r just a small percentage of the world and all our enemies who are trying to destroy us we should not lose the connection to our people and our tradition. On whether do we provide thr girls Jewish boy in pronunciation We try to help the girls in whatever possible if it is with a warm house.good grooms and more. I read what you wrote that we are a group of nationalist and We use the excuse that the Arabs rapists and violent That’s not true. Even that many times it is like this Maybe you should listen to dozens of phone calls we get from girls evry day But like I said before even with the goy how is and cute yet still forbidden from the Torah and we oppose it that why we got the letter about Bar to hear Expect to hear back from you I used Google translation so I hope you understand me right

Expect salvation soon

mosis zion

Thank you, Mr. Zion. We are all anxiously awaiting salvation, and certainly plan to refuse any offers of marriage from "the guy from the market." However, if some hot Christian movie star does propose, all bets are off.

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Dana Makover is an expert on both Israeli tits and ass. She enjoys peach pie, open toe shoes and dating for sport.

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  1. Puck

    *purses lips in disapproval*
    I’m not sure making fun of someone’s limited grasp of English is as much ‘hipster edgy’ as it is ‘mainstream racist’ (much as the author of the letter is racist in his comments regarding Arabs, something which you have bizarr

  2. bigdaddy

    Puck, yingaleh. Or is it maideleh? Relax, you might bust a vein or something. Don”t take this so seriously. Why are you so protective of an organization enforcing racial purity of Jewish women? Is it really so important? I myself always went for the

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