Jewish Gigolo Blackmails BMW Heiress

Hahahaha. So Susanne Klatten, Germany’s richest woman, and BMW heiress, has been caught in an intricate blackmail scheme, complete with sex tapes, buried money, a gigolo named Helg Sgarbi and a supposed intergenerational Nazi revenge scenario. Awesome.

Sgarbi, working with an Italian hotel owner named Ernano Barretta, would rendezvous with the married Klatten, while Barretta would document the affair, amassing considerable amounts of blackmail material in the process.

According to The Independent:

"Mr Sgarbi is said to have met Mrs Klatten in 2006 and they became lovers. They met in Monte Carlo and elsewhere for sex, he said, but they were not alone. Every time they checked into a hotel room, Mr Barretta is said to have booked the room next door. When they walked on the street together, Mr Barretta was there with his video camera to record it. When they went to bed, he contrived to film those private moments, too."

And check this out: Mr. Sgarbi, born Helg Russak, claims that his father, a Polish Jew, was a slave laborer in BMW factories during WW2, when German corporations gleefully built their fortunes on the pain and sweat of der Juden. Snap.

So that’s the method, guys. Go out and find a rich German, and sextort yourself some reparations.

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