Jewish family gets the hell out of town after being blamed for local Christmas play cancellation

File under: War on Christmas. 

A Jewish family has been forced to flee their Lancaster, PA home after being blamed for the cancellation of a grade-school performance of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol


The play has been a holiday tradition at the  Centerville Elementary School for more than three decades. In September, the parents asked if their child could be excused from the play, and were told yes. After the decision to cancel the play in November, their child was harassed at school.

Harassed so much, in fact, that once the conservative press got wind of the play’s cancellation (which, reports, was incidentally due to time constraints and not, y’know, nefarious Jewish meddling) the family decided to get the hell out of Dodge, rather than risk another pizzagate

Meanwhile for those genuinely concerned about the perpetual battle between Christmas and not-Christmas, head over to Haifa, Israel, where Rabbi Elon Dokow demanded Jews refrain from entering the student union at the Technion university because of a yuletide Christmas tree display. 

Happy holidays! 

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