Jew or not Jew: There’s an App for That

For a mere $1.07 on the Apple Store France, you can purchase an application that will allow you to consult a database to determine the most ancient question about a public person or celebrity, “Jew or not Jew?”

In France itself, however, there is a push to make the sales of “Juif ou pas juif” illegal.

Those pushing to outlaw the app? Juifs.

The creator of the app? Also Juif.

What do you think?

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David Kelsey

David was consistently listed as one of the top 100* J-bloggers of 2007. He tweets @thekvetcher. *This claim has not yet been verified.

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  1. Michelle

    To David and all others reading this post. The contentious app “Jew or Not Jew” is in no way affiliated with the lovable, mad-cap adventurous official website Please pass this note on to anyone you know who reads the website daily.


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