Jerry Seinfeld And Wale Schmoozing About Hip Hop And Strippers Is Truly Amazing

via Complex

via Complex

Let’s set the scene:

December, 2013. Rapper Wale – incensed over his exclusion from the Complex Magazine‘s “50 best Hip Hop Albums of the Year” – called the publication to unleash a truly epic rant on Complex writer Insanul Ahmed. His call is to attend a master-class in self-reverential rock star rage. It’s also entertaining as hell.

To date, however, no one has been able to suss out what really happened that fateful December afternoon…Until now.

Having seemingly made his peace with Complex, Wale recently teamed up with pal and sometimes hip-hop collaborator Jerry Seinfeld (Yes, they’ve worked together. We wrote about it here. It’s…weird. And great) to have some laughs at the expense of that now-legendary freak out. You see, it seems as if Wale was actually pretty alright with things, until his pal Jerry goaded him into giving the Complex a piece of his mind.

Yes, Jerry. Jay Z is, in fact, Jay Zimmerman, Brooklyn Jew.

Head over to Complex for their cover story, featuring the full, slightly (but only just) more serious interview with Wale and Jerry,  in which the two unlikely friends discuss sneakers, hecklers, and strip clubs:

For the love of god, someone give these two a reality show already.

What do you think?

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