Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Are Ready For President Obama

It’s nice to see that, despite the occasionally …er… “less-than-enthusiastic” relations between the Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government and President Obama, not all Israelis are quite so skeptical of the President’s commitment to the Jewish people. As Israel readies itself for President Obama’s upcoming visit, these signs (in both English and Hebrew) have begun popping up around Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood.


While this is the President’s first trip to Israel after taking office, with a warm welcome like this it’s hard to imagine it’ll be his last.


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  1. Les Poul

    These TRAITORS who drain their country’s money and resources have the NERVE to attack Zionism, Israel without which they would not be living and prospering? Rabbis traditionally had JOBS besides being scholars and spiritual teachers and leaders. If Israel doesn’t exist, these parasites would be dead or in exile. Every Israeli citizen that is capable of military duty must be conscripted like everyone else (or give alternate service), the country needs every able bodied person, no matter what their background or sex to defend their country. Sickening.

  2. zak sharman

    Are you guys really so incredibly clueless you can’t distinguish between radical Satmars and the Ultra Orthodox at large?

  3. jewdar

    Zak, are you so incredibly clueless that you think that Satmar are the only hareidi anti-Zionists? since it’s Israel and not Williamsburg, there is no reason to conclude that it’s “radical Satmars.” There are other culprits, like Toldos Aharon or Netuurei Karta (which is not just “radical Satmar.”) Moreover, the text of the document complicates things by making reference to military service. The current debate over military service and the exclusion of the Hareidi parties from the gov’t have radicalized things, and whoever put this up, it’s fair to say that the statements regarding the evils of Zionism due to the proposal to draft hareidim is perfectly in line with, if not an outright majority, certainly a huge proportion of hareidi Jewry.

  4. RSS

    I find most – if not all – strands of ultra-orthodoxy to be radical, tubular, and excessively bodacious.

  5. Clincher

    Maybe it’s just me, but the thumbnail of the companion photo makes the poster appear a little like a Ouija board.


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