Israel to U.S: “We Also Have Humorless Jews”

A popular Israeli sketch comedy show called Eretz Nehederet ("It’s a Wonderful Country") caused quite the turmoil with its recent sketch about West Bank settlers kidnapping an IDF soldier.

For lack of other pressing issues, Knesset’s Educational Committee convened in response. Said Ya’akov Katz, of the right-wing, National Union Party:

"When you see this program, you can understand how the Nazis slaughtered my grandfather, my uncles and my whole family in Poland…This is anti-Semitic propaganda, anti-Jewish. It shows a complete loss of self-rule and self-control, exploiting the right of decent and cultured people for freedom of expression."

Far be it from me to explain the lessons of the Holocaust to a Holocaust survivor, but I did see Schindler’s List three times and I don’t remember the part when the Jewish propensity for satirical sketch-making leads to their demise.

What do you think?

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