Isaiah Mustafa’s “Old Spice Guy” Goes All Macho Israeli On Us

Just about everyone knows Isaiah Mustafa as the ultra-confident, always-shirtless “Old Spice Guy”. Now it looks as if he’s bringing his particular brand of half-naked masculinity to the one place where over-the-top oozing machismo is practically accepted as a form of currency: Israel. While this isn’t Mustafa’s first time in an Israeli commercial – a few months back he was featured in a pretty hilarious ad for Israel’s Maccabee beer – it is the first time he’s doing it shirtless, while casually dropping Hebrew slang every other world.

Check out this just-released, hyperspecific/semitic Old Spice Body Spray ad:


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  1. Omri

    Prettyclever. It’s just a shame that it’s clear nobody worked with him on the proper pronounciation of any word containing a chet. Mahtbuka? No, gever.


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