In Case You Were Wondering What’s On Our Jewkbox…

It’s been awhile since we gave you our Summer Music Preview, so we figured we’d list some artists currently getting serious airtime at HQ:

Parts and Labor

BJ Warshaw of the Brooklyn electro/damaged punk band Parts and Labor (pictured above) looks like a hasid sent from the future to save the world with rock and roll. Check out "Nowheres Nigh" off their forthcoming LP, Receivers off JagJaguwar.

Aleks and the Drummer

When Aleks played Diamond Days this year she pretty much blew every mind in attendance. The band’s May a Lightning Bolt Caress You EP produced by Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio member, Scarlett Johansson and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s producer), offers choice tracks like "Paper Crown and Sugar Shoes."

Christmas Island

If you’re down with the whole lo-fi revival you’ll probably be into San Diego’s Christmas Island. We particularly recommend that you give a listen to their cover of The Idle Race’s "Morning Sunshine," which is off their upcoming seven-inch from FDH Records.


Tobacco pairing up with indie hip-hop label Anticon results in one of the truly strangest records of the year. Check out "Truck Sweat" off the upcoming LP, Fucked Up Friends.

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