In a New York State of Swine

So according to the acting director of the national Centers for Disease Control, people who live in areas where swine flu has broken out “should avoid kissing each other hello and goodbye.”

Well, as a resident of the bustling, overcrowded metropolis that is New York City (where the piggy parasite is apparently on the loose big time) I’d like to add a few more restrictions to the list.

People in areas where swine flu has infiltrated should avoid:

1). Pushing old people out of their way on the subway.

2). Sneezing on unsuspecting passerby as they walk down the street.

3). Picking tourists’ pockets.

4). Flipping off that guy. Or that guy. Or that guy over there.

5). Having anonymous sex in the bathroom of a cheesy Midtown bar.

What do you think?

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  1. Reuv

    With regard to the film on Rachel Corrie, she was definitely NOT protecting a house from demolition when she was accidentally killed.
    She was protecting tunnels used for smuggling weapons. See the 3 Club Cruz Rachel Corrie videos with Lee Kaplan & Becky


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