Iced Keffiyeh

Dunkin’ Donuts has taken down an ad featuring television homemaker Rachel Ray wearing a keffiyeh, the popular headdress worn by famous terrorists and employees at Urban Outfitters alike.

What do you think?

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  1. mrnhghts

    They are such pandering idiots. What does the Middle East conflict have to do with selling their diabetes inducing “food.” What next, other sensitive Leftists like Walmart hawing their wares with pictures of Chairman Mao?

  2. Puck

    Terrorists are wearing paisley?
    Monsters…is there no end to their depravity.
    Looks like Rachel could afford to opt for the skinny latte :P

  3. iconic

    terrorists, shmerrorists .
    This is one ugly look.
    Rachel Ray should opt for a new stylist.

  4. girldetective

    Puck is right – that’s not a keffiyeh, it’s a paisley scarf.

    Not sure what Ray’s weight or looks have to do with anything, though.

  5. Chuckabutty

    She is beautiful just as she is, and I see nothing wrong with her paisely scarf. Dunkin Donuts is right to be miffed about this nonsense. This is as bad as the Procter and Gamble fiasco in which Christians accused the company of supporting the Church of S

  6. Hesed

    Chuckabutty, I agree that making an issue of this makes Jews look like insecure assholes but your analogy is weak. Imagining the devil in a logo and the inside of a bus being splattered with itty-bitty pieces of Jew are not quite the same thing, are they?

  7. Puck

    We don’t have Dunkin Donuts here.
    Or Rachel Ray for that matter.
    That’s why we’re the ‘lucky country’ ;)
    We do, however, have tools wearing these scarves around because they’re “trendy” and fit so well with the Che Guevarra t-shirts (made in China) and be

  8. iconic

    ok Puck. no Rachel Ray, no Dunkin Donuts.
    But your country gave us war cheerleader Rupert Murdoch.
    using your word here ……. “shudders.”

  9. iconic

    Agree . Can’t make up for Murdoch.
    Also, remembering that Hutton Gibson moved little Mel and the family there.

  10. Puck

    George W. Bush cancels out a hundred Rupert Murdochs :P
    And we made Mel move back ;)
    Apologies for Russel Crow though.

  11. iconic

    depends on whether that would be George W. Bush
    with, or without Dick Cheney.


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