Hitchens on Hilton

On _Slate_ today, Christopher Hitchens “debates”:http://www.slate.com/id/2168128/nav/tap3/ the ultimate question: Which is worse, Paris Hilton or the media? And brace yourself, Hitchens comes out in favor of the wonk-eyed heiress. (Oops, did I just attack Paris in the media? My bad.)

What do you think?

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  1. jessie

    that’s a pretty awesome picture. was it taken when they dragged her ass to jail?

  2. david

    Was that a google image search for “Paris Hilton sucking” or did you somehow have that picture on file for such a debate?

  3. iconic

    Note to Mr. Hitchens re “Siege of Paris.” (Slate) 1. Paris Hilton is not a “tearful child” or a “helpless child .” She is not

  4. gooniejewjew

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I have been waiting for someone else to realize what a “sexy beast” Jason Segel is and put him on the cover of their magazine!

    It was because of your cover/article that I discovered Heeb and now I have a new favorite

  5. Jamesy

    I’m really enjoying watching Jason Segel at the moment. I think he’s great and was really good in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Especially along with Russell Brand co-starring.

  6. LeahG

    He seems like a cute dude! Does anyone here know if he got any pet meds and recent movies? Would like to watch how well he acts.

  7. mercedes-benz

    It felt more real and in depth than the pithy articles, reviews and coverage Jason’s been getting lately for Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  8. markweee

    These moments should be familiar to anyone who has ever tried to find faith or meaning in something greater than themselves. Biblically, unlike its inspiration, is not revelatory, but it does offer a thoughtful and thankfully humorous voice, on a subject

  9. markweee

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  10. jamessmithforum

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