Hillary Buckholtz Remembers 80s Snacks

The nostalgic creator behind the I’m Remembering! Tumblr blog shares some of the best OOC snack foods from the yesteryear. Her personal favorite? A thumb-shaped lollipop “covered in a layer of gum.” Sadly, Buckholtz hasn’t had much luck tracking down this product so hit her up if you have any information on it.

Some of Buckholtz’s other faves below:

PB Crisps

Fruity Marshmallow Krispies


Ecto Cooler

Orange Juice Bubble Gum

With ersatz junk foods like thumb lollipops and orange juice gum, it’s no wonder that these 70s and 80s babies are now so obsessed with feeding their tykes organics and local foods. So does this mean twenty years from now someone’s gonna blog about Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese and Newman’s Own?

Photos courtesy of Jason Liebig

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2 Responses

  1. Cassee

    I have been looking for info on this AND a sucker they had about the same time that was shaped like a tongue, seems creepy/kinky, but was seriously the best tasting sucker ever. I can’t even find a blurb about it anywhere. I’m thinking it was mid 90’s and I found them in Utah.

  2. Chad

    I remember the Thumb Sucker from when I was a kid living in Tennessee. There were two flavors, a red one like the picture you have, and my favorite was the Purple Grape one. I don’t know why I thought of it so late at night and happened upon your page while seeing if anyone else rembered them. Have you had any luck finding any more information about them?


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