Here’s That Mexican Nazi Cheerleader Routine You Never Asked For

Look, I’ll give you that competitive cheerleading is, in a lot of ways, not entirely dissimilar to fascism – The forced enthusiasm, the lockstep synchronization, the matching outfits… But, it’s not like cheerleaders are actual Nazis, right?



At a recent dance competition in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, one team showed off all the reich moves with a Nazi-themed choreography that could best be described as “Leni Riefenstahl directs Bring it On.” Swastikas, heil-inginterpretive high-kicking, this routine had it all.

The Israeli daily Ha’aretz reports that the routine, which featured nearly two dozen high school-aged girls, has drawn sharp condemnation after video of the performance hit the web this past week, while local news stations cite Mexico’s relatively non-existent neo-Nazi presence as one possible explanation for the team choreographer’s colossal blind-spot when it came to choosing this routine. Competition organizer Enrique Casas tells Ha’aretz that he has no plans to identify the team in the video, as internet commenters “have been a little aggressive. The comments have gone beyond freedom of expression … and have included direct insults against the girls.” That said, he plans to establish new rules for next years competition “to avoid hurting people’s feelings.”

Isn’t that thoughtful?

What do you think?

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  1. Isaac

    This was definitely in poor taste. But I do want to mention to the author of this article that this was not all star cheerleading, or cheerleading at all. Yes it looks like it was at a cheer competition but this was a dance routine. Why am I being specific. Because the author tries using clever cheer quotes trying to add entertainment value to the message. It was a poorly thought out DANCE routine. Not cheer. You will not find competitive all star cheerleaders wearing costumes and doing a routine like that.

    You may now proceed to write replies about whatever you feel.

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