Heeb’s Fall Fashion Picks for Men

We Jewish men are not known for our style. But it’s a bad rap, I tell ya. For every black hat, black jacket, and white shirt, there’s a Mister Mort. For all the fashion crimes perpetuated by Sy Syms, there’s still noteworthy representin’ from, say, a Marc, a Scott, and a Michael.

And if there’s one thing I hope to accomplish as newly appointed Creative Director, it’s to help shift the misperception of the Jewish male; hence our first Heeb Magazine Fall Fashion Picks For Men featured below. Keeping budget in mind (again, we are Jewish), I’ve picked a number of stand-out items available come this Fall. Let’s just promise one another to coordinate and not wear any of these items on the same day.


Simple and subtle, this rust colored wool/cotton cable-knit sweater from Edwin Jeans features a ember speckle pattern that you can only see on closer inspection. It’s a touch preppy, granted, but I’ve picked it for the accents like the chain weave on the torso, and the muted elbow pads and shoulder embellishments. And as you’ll see just about everywhere (to the point of overkill?) elbow pads are a big thing this season. Fashion men’s blog Selectism has more pics of Edwin’s choice contribution to Fall wear.


I don’t know specifics for this rainbow knit cardigan thus yet, but I do know New York brand aNYthing will release this homey (as in “warmth,” not “-slice”), super comfy-looking sweater some time in October. Fellow Jew Aaron Bandaroff’s once-underground label is in the process of truly growing up as you can see from this fall’s lookbook. But then again, that seems to be an overall shift in skateboarder brand category in the coming year. I guess you can only rock ironic T-shirts and baggy jeans for so long.


Ever since I saw a picture of Wes Anderson in the New York Times’ T Magazine around the release of Rushmore sporting a fitted, custom corduroy suit, I’ve always wanted one. The suit is the epitome of WASP and, yes, would definitely inspire a few head-turns in the shtiebel, but when you look like a student-seducing university professor with a drinking problem, who cares what they think (riding to shul on the second-hand bicycle is not encouraged, of course)? LL Bean’s higher end Signature line is selling the suit for a fairly reasonable $250. I’m getting one as fast as you can say “Jason Schwartzman.”


I’m including this American Apparel hoody for two reasons. One, acid wash is back (and has been for some time) whether you want it to be or not. You could try to make your own bleached experiment at home but then that’s why there’s a reason number two: poor Dov could use your business these days. This sweatshirt available online (in purple too, if you’re bold) fits somewhat snug so if you’re normally a size small, I’d recommend a size medium. Considering the stone wash/irony factor, it’s preferable to break this top in on your way to Williamsburg to see “this band” everyone’s been talking about that also recorded its debut on a 4-track made from Jello in an underwater bedroom.


Companies like Pendleton have been employing a Native American influence in their clothes for years now, but the look is finally spreading elsewhere into stores like Urban Outfitters and Topman. Many would argue that this means the trend is already over, but in the meantime, this thick acrylic and wool hybrid is bulky and thus perfect for the Fall. Headdress and moccasins are not necessary to complete the look—buy this sweater in a size up and wear it roomy with a pair of selvage jeans.


This fall, the made in America-brand Penfield remixes the traditional blue Oxford shirt with brown flock detailing across the shoulders, a button fastened chest pocket, and, once again, elbow pads (did I mention they’re in?). Business casual with a twist of rugged. Perfect for the woodsy outdoor spirit who has to put on a sports jacket every once in awhile for a bid’ness meetin’.


Another look that will dominate this coming season: the nautical influence. In two months, you’ll definitely be seasick of the Parisian sailor look. In the meantime, Saint James makes a quality product with this thick 100% wool Binic knit sweater available now at J. Crew online. I love the button detailing on the shoulder but I’m not entirely sure what it’s for. Maybe it’s for the shopper with a really, really big head like Tom Hanks or something? (Have you seen his head recently? It’s practically taken over his neck.)


The high-priced jeans market is crazy saturated (frankly, I’m Nudie for life) and it’s hard not to feel ripped off for a product that basically serves the same purpose as a faithful, classic pair of Levi’s.  So why not just buy a pair of Levi’s for the Fall? The clothing company has been making small moves in progressing the line while still staying true to its core beliefs: it’s not a fancy brand. It’s the working man’s brand. This month, designer Billy Reid unveiled his special Levi’s collection with the stand-out pair of “selvedge” jeans available here. As Reid explains it, this roomier 501 was inspired by a recovered mid-century blacksmith’s apron. Of course it was.

Now for as long as I can remember, there’s always been a debate over the Denim Sandwich (fully adorned in blue jeans, natch). If you’re wondering, I’m a fervent supporter of as much denim as possible and I don’t ever think there can be too much. Cowboys and construction workers can pull it off, and not being man enough for either, that’s good enough for me. No need to spend a lot of money on a denim shirt: as long as it has button snaps and a decent wash, you’re in the clear. Target is selling this functional Converse denim shirt for $24.99, and surprisingly, it comes in a slim fit.


Everyone and their zeidi owns a pair of Red Wing boots. But when you’re ready for a real man’s all-weather boot, albeit, a real man’s all-weather boot with a sole that looks like it’s been made from tapioca pudding, well, the time-tested Land’s End Duck Boot is your pair. It’s not exactly beautiful. And it’s certainly not sexy. Rather, it’s stepping in a mud pile-distinctive and putting them on your feet is a statement. Maybe that statement is that you’re from Maine, or that you went hunting once (but you only watched!). Ultimately, though, duck boots are sturdy, waterproof, and they’re not a pair of Red Wings. Which also means they’re not the price of Red Wings.


Sperry should be sending thank you note to Ezra Koenig, frontman of Vampire Weekend. The dapper singer has been sporting the boat shoes look ever since I first interviewed him a few years back, and now they’ve caught on as the full-on fashionable summer staple. The New England-based shoe purveyors has figured out how to keep the 3-Eye Shoe relevant all year long with the help of designers Band of Outsiders. Give it either a fleece lining, a corduroy exterior, or go hard with the whole damn thing made of shearling. Toastier than a Quiznos sub.

What do you think?

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  1. Men S 3 Button High

    […] Heeb's Fall Fashion Picks for Men « Heeb Magazine This fall, the made in America-brand Penfield remixes the traditional blue Oxford shirt with brown flock detailing across the shoulders, a button fastened chest pocket, and, once again, elbow pads (did I mention they're in?). MEN'S 3- EYE BOAT SHOE BY BAND OF OUTSIDERS. Sperry should be sending thank you note to Ezra Koenig, frontman of Vampire Weekend. The dapper singer has been sporting the boat shoes look ever since I first interviewed him a few years back, […]

  2. Andrew Henderson

    Solid list. I’m not Jewish, but want to wear the TOPMAN MULTI COLORED TRIBAL JUMPER. Would it be possible to gain a reprieve from Heeb’s CD?

    I think my father has half of this stuff in his closet. Does that make me more cool? Less cool? Have nothing to do with me and everything to do with how cool my dad is? I’ll take an answer to any question really. What did you watch on TV last night?

    Thanks for posting btw!

  3. Julia

    Just wanna say, LeJewess, that tons of heterosexual men would dress like this and, so long as their clothes don’t smell like Andrew’s dad’s closet, I’d undress him fo’sho.


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