Hasidic Doom Metal Is A Real (Surprisingly Good) Thing

What the fuck…” you’re probably asking yourself “...is ‘Hasidic Doom Metal‘?”

Philly based Deveykus is here to answer that question. From their Facebook page, Deveykus:

…delves into the spiritual side of Hasidic nigunim (wordless melodies) in order to draw out another new sound […] inspired by Doom bands like Earth, and Sunn O))), from this well-worn tradition.


Meaning “To cleave” to god and referring to both an ecstatic, trance-like state brought on by the singing of nigunim, and the name of the style of niggun meant to bring on that state, Deveykus is a new band that brings the sounds of Jewish music fully into the world of experimental doom metal.


More importantly, though, they sound really…good. I know, I’m as shocked as anybody, but somehow a marriage between Hasidic melody, and grinding metal instrumentation actually works. My theory – Music written in Eastern European shtetls locked in a perpetual state of rebuilding from the last cossack raid, only to be interrupted by the next cossack raid, is inherently doom-y.

Whatever the reason, it’s good shit. Here’s Deveykus in concert.

[cover image via Facebook]

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