Harry Potter And The Magically Unlicensed Jewish Ritual Objects

Gee” you’ve probably said to yourself, “I sure do love the Harry Potter franchise, with all its wondrous magic and thrilling adventure! If only there were Harry Potter-themed knock-off ritual objects, like say, havdallah candles I could purchase at an exorbitant rate!

Well, if you’re in Israel, you’re in luck…


Let’s break this down:

• The titular Potter, decked out in what appears to be the same sort of yarmulke favored by techno-loving Israeli “Na-Nach”…erm..”enthusiasts.”


• Lest you think that this is Harry Potter, popular wizarding hero – think again. This seems to be his lawsuit-adverse cousin Haari Potter.


• What’s better than one broomstick-themed candle? Try two! (Side-note: fourteen years post-millennium, the “2000” suffix just doesn’t quite pack the same punch it once did, huh?)


•All this could be yours for the low, low price of 79 shekels (Roughly 22 bucks) no matter the size!


• And just who is responsible for this totally-legit, not-at-all questionable piece of late-to-the-party, trend-hopping religious paraphernalia? Why it’s McLevy’s!


You know – McLevy’s: The name you trust for knock-off crap

[via Imgur]

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