Happy Birthday Albert Brooks!

in 1974, when scientists blasted their now famous “Aricebo Message” into the nether-regions of outer space, they packed the 210 byte radio communique with all sorts of mathematical equations and proofs, in the hopes of establishing our “intelligent life” bonafides for any equally intelligent alien civilizations who might happen to be listening.

As far as I’m concerned, should extra-terrestrial life tune in to what we’re sending out, mankind would be much better represented by broadcasting the complete works of Albert Brooks, who turns 67 today.

Here’s Albert (with an assist from blues legend Albert King) in what could very well be the funniest comedy sketch ever recorded, from his Grammy-nominated 1975 album A Star Is Bought:

Happy birthday Albert. To celebrate, we baked you nine pies.

To 120. And 120 after that.

What do you think?

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  1. ira

    Every once in a while you publish something worthwhile. And luckily it comes along just before I get fed up with the junk (I could have chosen a more aromatic word but I am a gentleman) you have been publishing and you are saved once more from being unsubscribed. The Albert Brooks piece is wonderful. It is almost worth wading through the other stuff you publish. Point your reader to some really good stuff with every email and you’ll get many more people to actually open your email and follow the link


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