Gratuitous Jewess: Leyla Leidecker

In an effort to further your appreciation of the richness and renewed vitality of Jewish life among young people today, we give you the next chapter of our new installment, which we have aptly titled, Gratuitous Jewess.

Our toughest Jewess yet, Leyla Leidecker’s beauty will make your jaw drop, but be careful. She can break it in one punch, all while rocking a hot (yet fittingly modest) outfit. A boxer, filmmaker and model, Leidecker will officially become the world’s most beautiful rebbetzin when husband, boxing champ Yuri Foreman, is ordained as an Orthodox rabbi. And no, she will not be cutting off those magnificent golden locks, thank god. “I believe my hair is just perfect as it is,” she says. We couldn’t agree more, Leyla (and the body and face are pretty amazing, too).

To any ladies lusting after Leidecker’s hunk of kosher brisket, she suggests you back off. “Most people respect other people’s marriage, but when not, I kick ass.” We’re a little scared, but even more excited.

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Dana Makover is an expert on both Israeli tits and ass. She enjoys peach pie, open toe shoes and dating for sport.

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  1. Yechiel

    What the hell is she doing with that Shegetz! Blasphamy to have a Jewess like her with Biff. I feel ill…


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