Get Seasonally Sloshed With Nick Kro…er… “Bobby Bottleservice”

If there’s one thing the holidays are good for,  it’s getting nice and hammered. And, who better to help us on this quest for liquid annihilation than Bobby Bottleservice (AKA “Bobby Bottleservice,”) the “Situation”-esque alter ego of comedian Nick Kroll. Comedy Central, in a nifty bit of advance PR for Kroll’s upcoming Kroll Showhave whipped up a little internet-bar in which Bobby himself shares recipes like “Santa’s Sack” and the “Frosty Nipple.”  And, what’s that at the very bottom of the drink list? Why, it’s “My Jewish Friend” – a warmed spiced wine, featuring (you guessed it) the saccharinely sweet Manischewitz.

“My Jewish Friend” is perfect drink for the token Jew at your office’s non-denominational, areligious seasonal party, because, hey, everyone’s got at least one Jewish friend, right? And, when they’re made with Manischewitz, one Jewish Friend is about all you can stomach.

My Jewish Friend

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