What Did You Get Josh Malina For His Birthday?

Josh Malina (not Kid Rock)

Not Kid Rock

Those of you who don’t compulsively check Wikipedia’s “On This Day” page might have missed the fact that today marks the birthday of actor/chanteuse Québécoise Josh Malina: (You would also have missed that it’s Kid Rock’s birthday too, for whatever that’s worth. Probably around $1.50 and an empty box of Camels)

Malina, who’s currently enjoying some well-deserved prime-time success as US Attorney David Rosen in the hyper-addictive ABC series Scandal, turns 48 today, and on behalf of all Jews, everywhere, in the history of Judaism, we wish him a hearty “Happy Birthday”!

But, I’m afraid, words may simply not be enough for Mr. Malina. So then, how should you, Heeb reader, celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite Jews? I’d recommend you commemorate this auspicious occasion by burning your way through Josh’s entire(ly batshit bonkers) Crackle series Backwash in one sitting. Start here:

Then when you’re done with that – and if you’re feel like being, oh Id’know, a halfway decent person – consider giving a few bucks to help fight hunger through Josh’s birthday fund with Mazon: A Jewish Response To Hunger.

Not to give would be, well, scandalous.

What do you think?

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