Fox News Annoints Liberal Policy with Nazi Epithet

A recent Media Matters report itemizes the flagrant summoning of the ‘Nazi’ epithet by Glenn Beck and his Fox News ilk to describe the Liberal government policies and personalities they despise. They’re making it hard for me to use the same sobriquet in putting down right wing politicians and officious types whom I can imagine pointing us towards the gas chambers, after a collective time warp to Terezín.

There used to be consensus that ‘Nazi’ was reserved for obvious targets: neo-Nazi’s, juntas, lynching parties, petty bureaucrats “only following orders,” rogue cops using night sticks as dildos. But O’Reilly et al have succeeded in a semiotic turning of the tables and I’m not sure I’ll use the term anymore. At a recent dinner party the conversation turned to “what is a fascist”?

At the end of the meal we confirmed that the definition actually is: “the overtaking of the government by corporate elements, bending the aims of the nation to the will of big business.” In other words, we’re all right now living in a major Nazi regime (Halliburton, big pharma, military-industrial complex, I rest my case).

I wonder what the founder of the Fox Film Corporation, William Fox (born Wilhelm Fried in Tulchva, Hungary) would think of his venerable studio’s News Division strategy? This is what happens when we Jews allow the control of the media to slip between our dirty fingers. It’s time to buy out Rupert Murdoch and re-brand Fox as a twenty-four-seven Joan Rivers home shopping network.

What do you think?

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Noam Gonick

Gonzo Gonick's films explore a variety of iconoclastic issues and positions surrounding sexuality and radical politics, including Utopian hippie cults, Aboriginal street gangs, labor uprisings, stockbroker meltdowns, and prison architecture. He has screened films at Venice and Sundance, is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Canada.

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  1. geo8rge

    Nazi started being a generic epithet in the 1970s. Joey Ramone used Nazi and KKK as generic terms for people he found disagreeable. Seinfeld popularized it with his soup Nazi episode. As far as actual German pre 1945 Nazi’s, they were pioneers in putting the full force of the state behind animal rights, not smoking, and other liberal causes?

  2. Noam Gonick
    Noam Gonick

    Yeah, they were also into nudist colonies for teenagers, too bad about the Final Solution, otherwise they seem quite sweet (not)

  3. Poloni

    Frankly, other than the pan-Germanism, racism, and militarism, what exactly is it about Nazism that Gonick doesn’t like? And why criticize Beck for stating the facts? Nazism’s far-left socialist agenda is quite similar in ideology to the progressive and far left world view. The Hitler era Germans and today’s far left camp share the same ideological grandparents (with the exceptions noted above).

  4. Marcus

    The Soup Nazi was a Nazi to soup, decided who would partake and who would not. Gonick ( and ilk ) is a Nazi to Nazis. He is the Nazi Nazi. Obama’s best new friend is GE’s Immelt.. Hitlers was Krupp. A Nazi is as a Nazi does. And it is true that most male vegans have one testicle. My Nana told me.


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