Excessive Wear

Face it, dude, you’re a fucking mess. Your breath stinks, your hair is dishevelved and your clothes wreak of cigarette stench. Winter fashion even though the party’s so over.

Top photo:

On Carla
Bracelet, Carlen Altman
Dress, Shoshanna
Shoes, Forever 21
Tights, Stylist’s own
Men’s shirt, Public School

On Davide
Jeans, Marc Jacobs

On Anastasia
Shoes, John Fluevog
Cardigan, Cardigan
Bra, Stylist’s own
Skirt, American Apparel
Necklace, ring and bracelet, Bittersweets New York
Bracelet, Modern Tribe

On Davide
Shirt and pants, Marc Jacobs
Shoes, John Fluevog

On Jesse
Shirt, Yoko Devereaux
Vest, Stussy

What do you think?

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  1. lobster

    On Carla:
    Face: 1977 KISS home face-paint kit from Ebay
    Hair: Elvira from a discarded Bud Light Halloween cardboard cutout
    Legs: Blood from cutting herself trying to be emo
    Barricade: Entryway to the BQE

  2. Steve_from_o0xlahoma_city

    Just as it is good to see Jewfolk integrating their way into motion picture making in California, it is nice to see an organization in New York starting to get involved in the “fashion” scene.


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