Everything About This Right-Wing Israeli Avengers Parody Is Terrible

From the misspelled English (“blof”?) to the atrociously bad impersonation of President Obama, this Israeli parody – or, more accurately, a “reworking” – of Marvel’s The Avengers is a super-powered pile of garbage from top to bottom:

Writes Adrian Hennigan over at the Israeli English daily Haaretz:

The spoof, called “American Bluff” (but, unfortunately, spelled “Blof” in the trailer), is the work of Beit Meshutaf, the secular wing of Habayit Hayehudi […]

[…]The aim of the trailer is to lampoon the reported U.S. proposal that Israel withdraws from the Jordan Valley in stages, with an international peacekeeping force helping the Palestinian Authority maintain order – while Israeli drones supposedly circle overhead, checking for terrorist activity.

Here I thought the Avengers only fought supervillains – Now it looks like they’ve got gawdawful political ads to contend with, too.

What do you think?

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