Estelle Getty: 1923-2008

Today we mourn the loss of a saucy, bitchy Jewess who, along with her golden-aged friends, put Miami on the map again. Early this morning, the actress Estelle Getty passed away at the age of 84. The crotchety fireball, Sophia Petrillo, remains her signature role.

Without Estelle Getty there would be no Golden Girls— a generation of gay men would never have learned to love the cheesecake. The Golden Girls became gay icons because their characters expressed feminine fortitude. If you cried at the 2008 TV Land Awards, you probably already know what I’m talking about. Estelle Getty will always be my favorite bubbe, even though her Sophia was a Sicilian–the same way that Constanza was "Italian," I suppose.

Sophia Petrillo was so much fun. Because of a stroke, she was prone to say anything she wanted. And because those around her knew she couldn’t restrain herself, they could never really get upset at her–whether she was haggling over a nectarine or calling Blanche a slut.

Yes, we’re all getting older, but what a little firecracker, that Sophia–so much spice, so much verve. Let’s all get some cheesecake and discuss.

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    To be fair, Blanche really was a slut lol.
    I loved The Golden Girls (no surprises there) and Estelle was the best of them all, she’ll be missed :(

  2. Sjordan

    I Loved the Golden Girls!!!! No Matter what kind of day I was having I knew I could count on them to make me laugh, until tears, from laughing were falling upon my Cheesecake!!! lol!!

  3. lobster

    ..i will always remain amazed at how she was one year younger than Bea Arthur, yet played her motha..

    then again Bea Arthur is quite the haggard old bag herself..

    and then there’s maude…


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