Domino’s Pizza Subjects Israeli Customers To Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Why-oh-why must Israel be unfairly singled out for undue scrutiny and punishment by the so-called “intelligentsia” of the world? No, I’m not talking about the recent American Studies Association vote to boycott Israeli academic institutions or scholars. I’m talking about the fact that this past Monday Israel earned the dubious “honor” of being the first country in the world to sell Domino’s new line of vegan pizzas.

Reports Israeli daily Haaretz:

Many chains in Israel offer pizza without cheese, but vegans asked Domino’s to use nondairy cheese substitutes. The new product features a soy-based topping with vegetables, and the family size sells for 69.90 shekels ($19.91).

“Israel is leading the vegan revolution around the world, and this is another indication,” said Omri Paz, the director of Vegan Friendly. He said vegans could now order from the chain “without pangs of conscience.”

Without pangs of conscience, maybe, but how about the pangs of horrible diarrhea? Vegan chain pizza? Feh. Maybe – maybe – vegan pizza would be tolerable if it was made from scratch by a professional chef, using fresh ingredients… but even that’s a stretch. Isn’t veganism about eating healthy? About being careful and deliberate about what goes into your body? I have a hard time imagining a person who subsists on a kale-and-tofu-based diet would be the sort to pick up the phone and choose to call Domino’s for their a slice of ‘za.

Singling out the unsuspecting people of Israel for this type of edible (loosest definition of the word – yes, technically you can eat it) monstrosity is just wrong. Do the bigwigs at Domino’s think that Israel being a country in which the laws of keeping kosher reign supreme somehow makes this particular incident of fast-food what-the-fuckery acceptable? Or is this, as I fear it is, just another example of overt anti-Israel bias?

What do you think?

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