Dial “F” for Funny

It was bound to happen. Now you don’t even have to enter the comedy club or turn on the TV to get some funny.

The LOLs & OMGs! will B Twittered 2 u.

Can’t prom it’ll b LOL, but there b no, long jokes cuz each joke txt has 2 stay under 140 characters.

Okay, enough of the text talk.

It’s the first ever comedy show totally delievered via text.

It’s called the NATHAN&JOE Cellphone Comedy Show.

Titles include: The Trial by Franz Kafka adapted 4 txt msgs, Why Oprah Hit 200 Lbs. (a txt documentary), TXT Sex, Found TXT MSGs from George Hamilton’s Phone, and 140 Characters in 140 Characters.

The show starts January 1, 2009.

Sign up to get texted the HAHAs and LOLs, or, if they suck, just text them a few LMTFAs.

What do you think?

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  1. Beatrix

    Love those guys. Best improvisors I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see what they text to my cell.


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