Deeply Fried

I know sometimes I say or do things around here that human resources isn’t totally cool with, but why the Associated Press would even consider running such a profoundly racist story about inmate Tremayne Durham’s plea bargain meal courtesy of both KFC and Popeye’s Chicken is beyond even me.

What do you think?

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  1. lobster

    That’s about as racist as the anti-semitic story of Schlummy Goldstein agreeing to plead guilty after being offered platters of chopped liver and an iced bucket of assorted pickles..

  2. mrnhghts

    What are you saying? That the AP likes fried chicken? Is that what you’re saying?

  3. iconic

    “buckets of fried chicken” but at least AP didn’t say that Tremayne was also dreaming of watermelons….

  4. Puck

    This must be an American thing, what does fried chicken have to do with being black? And watermelons??

  5. iconic

    mostly a racist caricature that survives from vaudeville and burlesque.

    Lately, heard Barack talk about buying arugula….

  6. iconic

    I was contrasting the ethnic stereotype of chicken and watermelon eating,
    with reality…….. using Barack’s food choice here, as one example .

  7. jewdar

    Maybe I’m missing something, but how is this article “racist?” My suspicion is that the story would still have run had the guy ordered a pizza or a pastrami on rye. The point is that the guy had dinner worked into his plea bargain. Can the AP or the st

  8. iconic

    I think we are talking here about two different things.
    The guy likes KFC. Fine that they worked it into his plea bargain.
    Nothing racist here.
    But. AP, leading with ” Tremayne Durham was dreaming of buckets of fried chicken. ” ……. This

  9. jewdar

    It’s fine to say it conjures up a racist caricature, but to call the article “profoundly racist” is absurd–one might fairly conclude that a guy who demands KFC in a plea bargain on a murder charge really was dreaming of buckets of fried chicken. Say the

  10. lobster

    “..I had a dream [, your honor], and it was about buckets and buckets of fried shicken…. and in that dream, the buckets themselves were made of shiggenmeat!” — Tremayne

    may it one day be etched on a bronze plaque outside the would-be ice cream truck

  11. Puck

    I like Fried Chicken ;P
    Why wouldn’t people like Fried Chicken? It’s delicious!
    I dunno about the carrot cake though…

  12. iconic

    agree with jewdar. this certainly not “profoundly racist”
    agree with Puck. fried chicken “delicious”


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