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In 1985, Ebony‘s Predicted Michael Jackson Will Have A Handsome, More Mature Look By The Year 2000 (The Daily What)

Canadian Football Manager for Saskatchewan Roughriders Looks Like An Old Lesbian (Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians)

What Kind of Friend are YOU? The 13 Types on Facebook (Mental Floss)

Meth, Murder and Stepmothers; An Inside Look at the Outside World of Sports (Pop Sense)

White Man’s Last Stand (Daily KOS TV)


How Not To Get Chicks (Agent Bedhead)

For Fun, Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend Does Cocaine and the FootballTeam (Flisted)

The Most Revealing Comment comes from Crapbasket on Film Drunk‘s "Judd Apatow Interviews Adam Sandler"

"Adam inspired me to stick a shampoo bottle up my ass. I have never looked back."


Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow Costume (Amy Grindhouse)

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