Currying Infavor

Putting in his bid for giant asshole of politics this week is Britain’s Lord Archer. In an interview with a young Indian journalist, in India, the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party said Indians were taking over Britain, the same way the Jews did 30 or 40 years ago, after the war. He then proceeded to tell a favorite old joke told to him by the son of Lord Paul, his Indian-born Labour Party peer.

"He said he had seen a van going through the East End of London and it said, ‘Patel & Patel Plumbers – You’ve given the cowboys a chance, why don’t you let in the Indians.’ That was brilliant. I thought it was summing up the affection the British people have for the Indians."

Ha ha ha! Those lovable Indians and Jews!

At least the Brits didn’t elect their Conservative clown to run the country. On that point, they’ve still got us beat.

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    Wow, he’s out of prison now?
    On the bright side, Archer is a political pariah even in his own country, and is generally a non-entity or a running joke in everyone elses.
    The Tories will be in soon enough ;)

  2. iconic

    Archer may be “a running joke” and a “clown,” but what he says is not funny.
    It should be recognized as potentially viral hatespeak.

    An ‘assholes will be assholes’ mindset….
    that’s not the way we should be talking about this here.

  3. Puck

    The only people likely to be moved by the ramblings of this nobody are already anti-semitic and racist.
    And in truth, his comments are no more offensive than comments made on a regular basis by Shas and their ultra-orthodox supporters.
    The world is full o

  4. iconic

    It’s the Ann Coulture Syndrome here……
    The jerk goes on a book tour.
    Speaks trash- gets air and press coverage- sells books.


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