A Brooklyn hasid, Mordechai Jungreis says he was victimized twice — once when his son was sexually abused by a member of the ultra-Orthodox community and again when Jungreis was shunned trying to get his son help. (CBS New York)

A maternity ward nurse in a leading NYC hospital says ultra-Orthodox Jews tend to be difficult to deal with. Women come in with long-sleeved, ankle-length nightgowns they insist on wearing while birth. “They can’t [even] expose their arms to their husbands so obviously the vagina is like a whole new level.” (Buzzfeed)

The legal counsel for the zoning board of the haredi city of Bnei Brak is also the city’s prosecutor whose his job includes enforcing zoning laws. But the conflict of interest doesn’t stop there. This enterprising government official also has a private legal practice representing building contractors who build in – Bnei Brak. (Ma’ariv via Zion Square)

Millions of dollars donated to ZAKA, the ultra-Orthodox disaster response organization, to buy ambulances and EMT vehicles were allegedly funneled into the accounts of a private ZAKA company wholly controlled by ZAKA’s founder, Yehudah Meshi Zahav, and his family. Meshi Zahav and his brothers allegedly used the money for their own personal expenses, including plush overseas vacations. (Ma’ariv)

Five ultra-Orthodox men were arrested for taking rabbinic ordination exams in place of ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students. The men were paid by the yeshiva students to impersonate them and take the difficult exam in their place. (Ynet)

The L.A. Jewish Film Festival won’t screen Standing Silent, a groundbreaking documentary on child sex abuse in the Baltimore ultra-Orthodox community, because it might upset local ultra-Orthodox rabbis.The festival’s director also tried to get festivals across North America to ban the film, prompting its producer, Scott Rosenfelt, who also produced Hollywood blockbusters Home Alone and Mystic Pizza, to call Hilary Helstein “a disgrace to Judaism, and not only that, a disgrace to all humanity,” noting that she was complicit with the silence that enables child sex abuse. (JTA)

A Texas rabbi almost lost his arm while supervising the slaughter and processing of glatt kosher meat. The company that hired him, the Satmar-hasid-owned Alle Processing, makers of Meal Mart and other glatt kosher brands, failed to give the rabbi safety training.  (Failed Messiah)