Create Your Very Own “Seinfeld Apartment” Aquarium With These Step-By-Step Instructions

We live in a world with Seinfeld parody twitter accounts, parody-of-that-parody twitter accounts, and even virtual reality odes to Jerry’s iconic 90’s sitcom. It would be easy to say that we’ve likely reached – and passed – peak Seinfeld fandom. At least, I would have thought so, until I saw this Seinfeld aquarium. Yes, an aquarium, for fish, built to look exactly like Jerry’s UWS apartment. Oh, and it’s built inside a hollowed out television set.

For a household feature that pays homage to that “show about nothing,” you really can’t get much more absurdly Seinfeldian than aquatic Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramers all glub-glub-glubbing around inside an old TV.

There’s even video:

What’s more, redditor mattheman11 left detailed instructions for users to build their own aquarium, including an itemized list of materials and how much he paid for each.

All things told, a functioning Seinquarium is gonna run you in the neighborhood of a hundred and ninety bucks – pricy, but nothing outrageous. And it sure beats having to lie about being a marine biologist.

[via reddit, neatorama]

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