Corey Feldman Still Hearts Michael Jackson Even If MJ Made Him Feel “Uncomfortable”

When interviewed for Heeb‘s Sex Issue back in 2005, Corey Feldman tried to set the record straight about his disastrous 20/20 segment (which led to Feldman being asked to testify against Michael Jackson in his child molestation trial).

“That whole thing needs to be cleared up,” he told writer Shana Liebman at the time. “There’s things that happened that made me uncomfortable—not then, but as an adult looking back. All I was trying to say was there is some stuff. I might be able to help out on either side. But I don’t know. All I know is that I’d like to stay out of it.”

Well, with Michael dead and buried–or at least on ice awaiting a second autopsy–Feldman is no longer squeamishly looking back at those murky memories. Instead, he’s taking to the stage to celebrate MJ’s life.

In an eco-themed concert on Saturday–yes a concert, it seems Feldman is now trying his luck in the music biz with his band Truth Movement–Feldman said, “I want to not only dedicate this performance to [Jackson], because without Michael Jackson, I wouldn’t be performing onstage tonight.”

Following Corey’s lead, I dedicate this blog post to MJ’s memory. If he were still alive, I wouldn’t be writing this post tonight.

What do you think?

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