Check Out These Freaky-Realistic Portraits of Larry David And Jerry Seinfeld Made Entirely Out Of Emojis

The humble emoji is hardly considered a medium for serious, significant art. But, take a look at what rapper/artist @YungJake has done with the same smileys, eggplants, and sparkly stars we’ve all got in our smartphones. You’ve got to admit, “emoji art,” as it turns out, can be pretty impressive. And who better to showcase the idea that you can turn the vacuous and insignificant into something complex and profound than Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the crux of whose comedy – both together, and individually – is based on taking the idiotic minutia of everyday life, and examining it as if it were something truly significant.

…which is all to say, holy shit these portraits are amazing! (Or, at least, pretty, pretty, pretty good…)


And Jerry:

For more jaw dropping emoji portraits, head over to Yung Jake’s twitter feed, and to try your own hand at emoji-art, check out

[h/t Seinfeld Current Day]

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