Boozy Jew Shoots Montana Bartender For Serving An Unkosher Drink

Let’s make a few things clear:

1) Clamato – the combination of tomato juice and clam broth – is totally disgusting

2) Guns and alcohol are always a bad combination

3) Hell hath no fury like a drunk yid scorned

Unfortunately, all three of the above points came to a head recently at a Montana bar, where 59 year old Monte Hanson became so enraged at bartender Joe Lewis for serving him red beer made with un-kosher Clamato that he shot him in the fucking chest.

Per the Montana Standard:

Earlier that night, Lewis had an odd altercation with his neighbor, Monte Hanson, at the Rainbow Bar. Court records said Hanson ordered a “red beer” and became angry after Lewis used Clamato juice instead of tomato juice in the drink.

Hanson was apparently upset over the change because it was contrary to his religion, Judaism, to drink Clamato juice. Court records said he told a neighbor later that he was going to retaliate and kill Lewis.

No matter how terrible clam juice might be (and boy is it) killing people is way, way worse.

That’s not all. Lewis survived the assault thanks to his pitbull Jackson, whom Lewis had been carrying (the dog was in a cast from a previous injury, explains the NYPost) in front of him when the gunfire started. Jackson was struck and killed in the attack. Lewis received non-life-threatening injuries.

To recap: Guy is served an unkosher drink. Guy decides to murder his bartender. Guy ends up killing innocent dog.

According to Algemeiner, Hanson has been arrested and charged with attempted murder, and animal cruelty. Lewis’ friends, meanwhile, have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his recovery, and to buy him a new pet.

What do you think?

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