Best Israeli English Class Ad Ever

“Do you speak it?!?!”

This Israeli ad for English classes is possibly my favorite thing ever. If you don’t get the Pulp Fiction reference then A. You are a loser, B. Go watch Pulp Fiction right now and C. See above, Re: loser.

Now, my question: does Samuel L. Jackson actually teach these Hebrew to English classes? I had no idea that he was fluent in Hebrew and lived part-time in Israel. How nice of him to take time out of starring in every Marvel superhero movie and give back to the community by contributing to the American colonization of the world!

Wait, he doesn’t teach the classes? What?? (“What ain’t no country I ever heard of.”)

What do you think?

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Mark Dommu

Heeb's Culture Editor is a writer and performance artist living in Brooklyn and the reigning ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ trivia champion of NYC. Mark created, writes and stars in ‘I Give Good Hebrew’ and is the Editor-in-Chief of The Culture Whore , which curates and celebrates the best art being made in Brooklyn/NYC and around the world.

7 Responses

  1. ze'ev

    Gee, who do you think got this flyer to go viral on FB and picked up by Heeb? Hmm? :)

  2. Daniel L Paxton

    Fuck off Sarah, go get some taste in movies and unshelter yourself

  3. Dece Guy 88

    I can’t imagine living every day as a person who finds something like this tasteless and inappropriate. How horrifying.


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